X10D Solutions have developed a large number of “X10Ds” for our customers. These X10Ds are designed to accelerate the usage of existing tools and make the organisation as effective as possible. This is done by automating repetitive tasks and securing information quality. These tools are sold as yearly subscriptions.

Framework Server


Automate more, don’t spend time on tasks like generating PDF:s and STP models, or migrating data. X10D Framework Server allows you to concentrate on your core activities. It gives you more time to design, develop and innovate. At X10D, we want you to “Spend your valuable time on the right things and avoid tasks that can be automated”.

SmarTeam to 3DEXPERIENCE Migration Tool and Framework


Prepare your legacy CAD data for the future. X10Ds migration tool cleans your old data, applies the right materials correctly and ensures all PLM attributes are in order. This framework will give your CAD data the perfect start in 3DEXPERIENCE. At X10D, we want you to “Relaunch your new PLM system with quality information”.

Attribute Tool for Quality


With X10Ds Attribute Tool you can customize your PLM data to fit your organizations needs and business rules exactly the way you want. Automate rules and attributes for lifecycle operations, saving your employees time while keeping your data safe, clean and in order. At X10D, we want you to “Do things right from the start and avoid expensive quality checks later in the process”.



Customize your own drawing types and switch between them on the fly. Get fresh PLM data for your drawings and a clear overview of weights and materials. Automatic stamping and more is also included in the 2D/3D Tool for 3DExperience. At X10D, we want you to “Spend your valuable time on the right things”.

We have developed X10Ds for CATIA V5. These tools are free to use for our CATIA V5 license customers.

We have developed the following X10Ds for CATIA V5. These tools are free to use for our CATIA V5 license customers.

2D/3D tool


Simplify how you work with models and drawings in Catia V5. This tool handles lists, weights and materials. It creates any parameters you need (e.g. to communicate with a PLM system). Also handles your drawing templates and allows the user to switch formats on the fly without losing parameters and texts.

Rename Instance Tool

Rename Instance Tool scans through an entire product structure and renames all instances to their related Part Number (appending another number to each instance) providing better clarity for the user. It also includes the option to leave the instances alone when products are writeprotected.

Hide & Show Program

This tool gives you an easy method for hiding and showing different elements of all the Parts and Products in the currently active Assembly. Comes with the option to select only the parts that are read/write enabled (or “checked out”).

Assembly Constraint Checker


The Assembly Constraint Checker provides quick analysis of any assembly constraints in your currently active assembly. The program presents any problems in a clear way and at the same time it selects/highlights the issues in CATIA for you.

Material Application

Analyses an entire assembly and lists all of the materials being used. It shows you any parts with missing materials and/or if there are materials that no longer exist in your material catalogue. The program lets you select these parts in CATIA and allows you to apply new materials or change existing materials directly from the tool!



Utilize the power of CATDUA V5 with a simplified interface. Work directly with the documents currently opened in your CATIA session. The tool downloads your CATIA files, cleans them and reuploads them automatically. It also provides you with a better, more in-depth report compared to the standard CATDUA V5.

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