7 reasons why you should use the new X10D Drawing Tool for 3DEXPERIENCE

7 reasons why you should use the new X10D Drawing Tool for 3DEXPERIENCE

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The brand new X10D Drawing Tool for 3DEXPERIENCE is out today and it simplifies the work of both CAD designers and administrators. Here are seven ways it can improve how you work with drawings at your company:


  1. Easy to setup and customize your own drawing types

Want to have different drawing types where you adjust which fields are shown in the title block? Perhaps the ability to add different company logos in a joint venture? Defining drawing formats on your own can be difficult and requires both time and coding skills. X10D Drawing Tool uses an XML format for the data which means the user can simply use a program such as Excel to set up their own drawing types. Changing the date format is as easy as entering “dd-MM-yy” in a cell in your Excel sheet.

  1. Fresh data from the PLM system

The drawings frame and title block is updated with fresh data from your PLM system. For example printing the full name of the responsible engineer instead of some system abbreviation that’s hard to understand.

  1. Good overview of weights and materials

That fresh PLM data also provides the user with a list of weights and materials in the current assembly. This gives the CAD designer a nice overview of the structure, where it’s easier to identify potential problems. It also helps them to trust their data, knowing that it’s the most recent information grabbed straight from the PLM system.

  1. Switch drawing types in real time

The tool allows the user to switch between your custom drawing types on the fly while you are working in Catia.

  1. Scale handling when working with several views

Handling scale when working with several different views in a drawing can be problematic. Changing the scale on one view will change the scale of all views and that is not always what we want. X10D Drawing Tool removes these sometimes unwanted global scale changes.

  1. Automatic stamping

Create stamps such as “Prototype” or “Approved” and set them on your drawings automatically by connecting them to the values of PLM attributes.

  1. A standard tool but still highly customizable

The X10D Drawing Tool is customizable without relying on customer specific code. We show the customer how to create and change their drawing types and then they control everything from their Excel sheet.

For more information contact Rikard Torkelsson at rikard.torkelsson@x10d.se or +46 (0) 735 188 700.

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